We have a mystery this week that is also a ghostly comedy.  Our story comes from the NBC series Screen Directors’ Playhouse.  It is a radio adaptation of the 1940 film The Ghost Breakers, which is a comedy directed by George Marshall. Its cast includes Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. The film was adapted from the play The Ghost Breaker by Paul Dickey and Charles W. Goddard. Along with great films like, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and The Cat and the Canary, Ghost Breakers is cited as a prime example of the classic Hollywood horror-comedy.  It first aired on the radio on April 3, 1949. Also, Included in this episode is a special second story called The Stone Coffin. You can listen to the podcast right here.

Programing note: This podcast is replay of an earlier broadcast. It was first published in June of 2015.

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One Thousand Years? What does that mean? This week’s show is jam-packed. We open with a woman who can’t button a suit, ride with Marshall Dillon on a stagecoach loaded with criminals and then we learn a thing or two from Mark Twain about sleeping in your own bed. We end the show with a song from Sincerely, Iris called, 1,000 Years. If that isn't a loaded show than paint me yellow.

Sincerely, Iris Visit Ron’s Amazing Stories

While doing my research for the podcast this week I ran across a song written for and about Mark Twain. I loved it and I wanted to play it. So, I tracked down the songwriter and he gave his permission for me to do so! The name of the band is Sincerely, Iris and the song is called 1,000 years. You can visit their website at sincerelyiris.com and their song is available on iTunes.

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On this episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories Jim Harold, podcast mogul and author, is here to tell us about his brand new book. What is it? I just can’t wait to tell ya. Also, we will share an OTR story that is consistently cited as one of the most terrifying programs broadcast during radio's Golden Age. It ain't no joke!  

Guest - Jim Harold

Jim began podcasting in 2005 starting with his signature show the Paranormal Podcast. He has since branched out and created his campfire program and paranormal plus network.  Jim also has written four books with a fifth coming out this October.  He just released an Adult Coloring Book based on his listeners call-ins. His free programs include: The Paranormal Podcast – Serious interviews with newsmakers in paranormal studies (audio).  Jim’s first and most downloaded program. Jim Harold’s Campfire – Listeners talk about their supernatural experiences (audio).  His books are based on the show and are available at most bookstores. Jim Harold on FaceBook Jim Harold on Twitter

OTR Story - The House on Cypress Canyon

The House in Cypress Canyon, is an episode of the American radio series Suspense. Written by Robert L. Richards, produced and directed by William Spier, It was originally broadcast December 5, 1946. The plot is presented as a "story within a story," framed by a meeting between detective Sam Spade (played by Howard Duff) and a friend who has discovered the manuscript regarding the mysterious house. After a brief introduction, the narrative shifts to the story presented in the manuscript.

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On the podcast this week we have what has been called one of the best episodes of Suspense ever. I quite agree. Also, we will have short story written by Stephen Leacock called Maddened By Mystery. Leacock was the master of the humorous mystery. The OTR tale for this episode on Ron’s Amazing Stories has everything a good story needs and more.  It comes from without any doubt the best of the best story tellers from the golden age of radio, Suspense. Our story tells us about a hired thug that is paid by his boss to kidnap a man and take him to what he fears will be his death. It is called Feast of the Furies and originally aired on July 11, 1946.

Program Note: I want to personally thank all of you that wrote in about the Glenn Miller Special. I thought I was taking a chance with that one and from your response it appears I need not have worried. You guys are great. Keep those comments and stories coming - Ron

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We have so many cool things on this edition of Ron’s Amazing Stories, that it makes the moonglow. Okay, I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it will. There are major updates to talk about, A OTR episode that makes space flight sound down right awful and a special treat that will take you back to the days of the great space race. So, press that play button now. You know you want to.


One of the stories this week comes from the pen of G.L. Vanderberg. It was first read on the pages of Amazing Stories the magazine in 1958. It tells of the space race from the viewpoint of pre 1960’s America. To them going to the moon is science fiction. To us it’s fact or perhaps a conspiracy, depending on who you believe. The story is called moonglow and it is something amazing!

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The Glenn Miller Special

Okay prepare yourself, this is not going to be your typical episode of Ron’s Amazing Stories. Don’t worry we have stories; a case of murder and one of smuggling, but the bulk of the show is going to be handled by famous bandleader. On this episode you're going to have to keep an open mind. If you read the blog this week you already have a pretty good idea of what is coming. But it hopes to be so much more than that. So press that play button and find out for yourself. -Ron

The Five Minute Mystery

The Five Minute Mystery is back this week with two more episodes. Your response to these keeps me bringing them to you. I have to admit they are fun to listen to. The five minute mystery series was created to help stations promote themselves or their products. It must have been pretty successful because there sure are a whole lot of them.

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Welcome to the 11th episode of the Horror Express. On this episode Jason and I talk about the Bermuda Triangle. Also, the Computer joins the cast to introduce one of the creepiest old time radio stories we’ve ever had on either podcast. If that wasn't enough, Jason has collected some interesting emails from you guys! So, come join us for this horrific train ride. How? Press the play button below.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical area found in the Atlantic Ocean. Its boundaries are set by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Many unexplainable events have occurred in this region. People, planes and even large ships have disappeared without a trace.  In most cases the weather was fine and no distress signals were sent.


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Happy Fourth To You All! I am taking this week off from podcasting to enjoy the 4th of July with Friend and Family. I picked this podcast to replay for you. Based on the response to it you guys liked it the first time around. If you have never heard it you are in for a treat. If you have heard please enjoy it again.

RAS #226 - Called to be a Soldier.

I am excited about this episode. We begin with a look back at 2015 with a short presentation of what was. Then I sit down with Major Wayne Smalls, US army retired, to talk about his book, “Called to be Soldier”. We end the show with something I like to call, “Really! Even in the 1860s?" L. Wayne Smalls is an Amazon Best Selling author from Baltimore, Maryland who retired from the United States Army at the rank of Major. His military career has consisted of 22 years of active duty service, with over 25 years of service overall. During his time in the military, he traveled the world and has seen and witnessed many great and wonderful things. His book, Called to Be a Soldier, was written from the heart and experiences of the Major. Small’s bares all to take readers to the training grounds, onto the battlefields of the Middle East and then all of the way back home.

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On Ron’s Amazing Stories we celebrate a great actor, an American Icon and one of his best movies, Stagecoach. If you read this week's blog you already know who it is. Also, on the show we have yet another five-minute mystery and a short story that is sure to rock the house or least destroy New York. So, grab a snack and press the play button below.

OTR Story: Stagecoach

Our OTR story is a classic western. It stars John Wayne and was created by NBC Theater, also called the Screen Directors Playhouse. SDP was a popular radio series, which brought leading Hollywood actors to the NBC microphones. It aired beginning in 1949 and ran through 1951. What you will hear is an adaptation of Wayne's famous 1939 film, Stagecoach. This was the very first broadcast of the show and it aired on January 9, 1949.

Program Note: This next week is July 4th. Ron's Amazing stories will be taking the week off. Not worry there will be a replay of one of Ron's best. So, come on back next week and see which one it is.

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On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week, we have too many stories. We take a walk back in time to hear some amazing stories from our past. We will hear from a famous baseball player, listen to a story about a fisherman’s murder and play baseball with a Martian. Want more? There is more , but you will have to press that play button to find out. Our OTR story today falls right in with the sportsman theme. Imagine years from now, in 1998, your baseball team is struggling and is given the ultimatum. You have to win or win. How do you do it? I know what I would do, I would look to the stars for help. Our tale comes from X-Minus One, which was a science fiction based series from the mid 1950’s. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite OTR episodes ever. It is called Martian Sam and first aired on April 4th, 1957.

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