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Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast. We play classic short stories, old-time radio and much more. Do you have a story that you want to tell? Ron will read it on the show or you can tell it for yourself! Also, we do interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star

Feb 23, 2023

On Ron’s Amazing Stories we have a special episode of Ghost Stories With Sylvia. It has been a bit since we have had Sylvia on, but the wait was worth it! We will have an entire show dedicated to one of most celebrated true crime stories of centuries past, The Lizzie Borden Axe Murders. Was Lizzie guilty? Who were the players? Press that play button and find out.

Also, this week we will be doing a video version of the show complete with a slide presentation. You will be able to watch this on the Ron’s Amazing Stories YouTube channel. It is my hope to do more of these types of presentations in the future.

Featured Story - The Lizzie Borden Story

Lizzie Borden was born July 19, 1860 in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Andrew Borden and was suspected of murdering her stepmother and father in August of 1892. Her arrest and trial became a national sensation in the United States.

About Sylvia Shults:  Sylvia  is a Librarian, Author, and Ghost Hunter. She has spent a lifetime in the pursuit of the weird and strange. Her non-fiction works include Ghost of the Illinois River, Fractured Spirits, Fractured Souls, 44 Years in Darkness, The Spirits of Christmas, Days Of The Dead, and her latest release Grave Deeds and Dead Plots. All of her books are available on Amazon and you can find out more on her blog page.

Sylvia’s Links:  Facebook, Twitter, Blog Site, Amazon Author’s Page

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