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Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast. We play classic short stories, old-time radio and much more. Do you have a story that you want to tell? Ron will read it on the show or you can tell it for yourself! Also, we do interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star

Jun 21, 2018

Today on Ron’s Amazing Stories it is all about growing up. We have two listener stories on the subject and I think you will like them. Courtney has made a story request that I was more than happy to fill. Also, special guest Kevin MacLeod visits and we talk about the amazing new video game Beat Saber and more about his music!

Our Guest - Kevin MacLeod

Kevin is a music and soundtrack composer who distributes music using a Creative Commons Attribution License. By doing this he has earned more than 1,000 composer film credits. Also, he has been given the title, “The King of YouTube” by the people who use his music in their production. It was the emergence of downloadable media that allowed him to make a name for himself.

Kevin’s Websites: Incompetech,, and  YouTube Channel.

Ron’s Amazing Stories is produced and hosted by Ronald Hood