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Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast. We play classic short stories, old-time radio and much more. Do you have a story that you want to tell? Ron will read it on the show or you can tell it for yourself! Also, we do interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star

Apr 16, 2013

On the show this week we will be turning away from the news of the day to a story of the past. It comes from one of my favorite old-time radio dramas, Suspense. If you remember back to last week we spoke about the Detectives and I even listed a few. I jokingly included Ozzie and Harriet. While I don’t know if those two ever played the role of sleuth or detective, I do know that Fibber McGee and Molly did. If you have not heard one of their episodes I suggest giving it a try. While the comedy is quite dated, it still provides a tickle or two and is a window to life in our distant past. 

You can listen to a typical Fibber McGee and Molly on the Internet Archive.  I will provide a link later the site is down for maintenance.  

The story we will hear a huge departure from their comedy roles, but it still seems to maintain that friendly family edge. Because the show comes from Suspense I can’t tell you a lot about it, but I will say the ending is great! The title for our tale is “The Backseat Driver” and first aired on February 3, 1949.